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2023 Performance Review

Florosa Fire Control District contracted with BJM-CPA Group to conduct the Florida State required 5-year Special District Performance Review per Section 189.0695, Florida Statutes. The "performance review" means an evaluation of an independent special district and its programs, activities, and functions. The term includes research and analysis of nine specific areas: 1) District's Purpose and Goals, 2) Goals and objectives of programs and activities, 3) delivery of services, 4) analysis of any similar services provided by agencies within the district, 5) analysis of District revenues and costs over 4 fiscal years, 6) analysis of District's perfomance to achieve goals and objectives, 7) analysis of performance measures for programs and activities, 8) analysis of factors that may have resulted in failures to meet goals and objectives, and 9) recommendations for statutory or budgetary changes to improve District operations and costs.

The Florosa Fire Control District (FFCD) is happy to share the results of the 2023 Performance Review and is proud to announce that no significant findings were made leading to any failures or deficits in meeting the District's goals and objectives. In addition, there are no findings of duplication of services by other agencies within the boundaries of the FFCD. We appreciate the work of the team of reviewers at BJM-CPA Group and thank them for providing this review and the recommendations for improvemants for operations and standards used by the District. Likewise, FFCD is proud of the members and families that strive to provide the quality services to our community for fire suppression, rescue response, medical support, public outreach, and planning/inspection. Thank you to all the FFCD personnel, staff, and Fire Commissioners for your continuing efforts and a job well done!

2023 FFCD Performance Review File

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Florosa Final Report 2023-06-15.pdf
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