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2022-23 Budget

The Commission has levied an ad valorem tax on all taxable property in the District to construct, operate, and maintain the District's facilities and services. The maximum authorized by its charter is 3.0 mills, as approved by referendum of the electors of the District in August 2018. The original rate was set at 1.0 mill when the first charter was created in November 1974, under the authority Chapter 74-543, Laws of Florida. The District presently operates at 2.25 mill of assessment of ad valorem taxes to provide funds for the general purpose of the District.

Note: The levy of ad valorem tax above the current millage would require approval of the referendum call by the Board, when the proposed levy of ad valorem taxes would exceed the amount as authorized under prior special act, as referred above.

The District charges a reasonable schedule of fees for inspecting structures, plans, reviews, and equipment to determine compliance with fire safety codes and standards.

The District also charges an Impact Fee for fire services that is distributed to the District for construction within its jurisdictional boundaries to pay for the cost of new facilities and equipment, the need for which is in whole or in part the result of new construction. The impact fees collected by the District are kept separate from other revenues of the District, and must be used exclusively to acquire, purchase, or construct new facilities (land, buildings, and capital equipment such as fire and emergency vehicles, radio equipment, and other firefighting or rescue equipment) or portions thereof, needed to provide fire protection and emergency services to new construction.


Working copy of the 2023 fiscal year budget, adopted Sept 15, 2022

23 Budget Working Copy.pdf


 Notification of the annual budget and tax rates for 2022-23 fiscal year

Legal Notice for Florosa Fire Control District 2022-23 fiscal year published Sept 2022.pdf
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